weekend needs to hurry upppp
I need a bev
or 10

weird5cience shanni-taya
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bed booty
nhude woo0ooo0o


I wanna meet someone’s who’s going to be like ‘hey wake up I’m taking you on an adventure’

I need to go back to Bali asap

b-t-c orionfalls
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octopusmotor tits-and-tiaras
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Get that fucking salad out of my face, Jessica
badsons surf-locals


Ahh the sweet smell of being replaced

icanrelateto surf-locals
You deserve someone who knows how to make things up to you after hurting you. Not someone who is very good with just the word, “sorry.” (via icanrelateto)
sarahaliceyoung surf-locals



Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you were the one who carried you through the heartache. You are the one who sits with the cold body on the shower floor, and picks it up. You are the one who feeds it, who clothes it, who tucks it into bed, and you should be proud of that. Having the strength to take care of yourself when everyone around you is trying to bleed you dry, that is the strongest thing in the universe.

I absolutely needed to read that.